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About Us

Lucky Hunt Foundation was created to make a difference.

Abandoned, abused, homeless dogs is a sad problem all over Bulgaria. They are helpless looking for food, shelter and loving care just as any other animal or human.

We are doing something about it and are confident that by addressing this issue in a humane, caring manner, we will achieve success.

Clearing up neighborhoods of stray dogs which suffer and may as well be a threat to people, will be a solution provided we can educate and change the mentality of people’s ignorance and negativity towards the animals which we have allowed to overpopulate.

 Let’s not forget that “A Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend” !

We have built a clinic in Devnya, an industrial town close to Varna (on the Black Sea), Bulgaria,  whose primary job will be to neuter/spay dogs and help homeless, injured dogs in need.

There is a sizable garden where the incoming and recuperating dogs are able to roam freely and it will permanently house dogs which are disabled, older or in special need.

Our clinic is staffed in rotation by local veterinarians who charitably provide their services at a lower cost. We are also working with veterinary faculties of European universities, developing internship programs through which students will come to help and get hands on experience whilst immersing themselves into new culture, making new friends and creating lifelong memories by visiting the beautiful country of Bulgaria !

Our dream and goal for 2016 is to acquire a large terrain close to the clinic where neutered/spayed dogs will be released into a cage-less sanctuary to live out their life span in care and to hopefully be adopted into loving families that they fully deserve as anyone.


Who we are

  • Svetlana Hunt

      Svetlana Hunt

      Founder and Creator

      Elena Dobreva


      Plamen Petkov

      Transportation & animal welfare

      Dr. Marieta Stankova

      Head veterinarian

      Stanimir Stanchev

      Care giver

      Nikolay Nikolov

      Care giver

      Elena Karavasileva